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The BOSS HM-2 Heavy Metal is one of the most sought-after vintage pedals in our entire back catalog. Now, we’re pleased to confirm that it’s returning in a special HM-2W Waza Craft edition in the middle of 2021. Unlike many other iconic BOSS drive pedals, the HM-2 … more


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31.12.2015 · Most Boss pedals use a flip-flop circuit to determine the on/off state. Due to the small differences in component values some pedals start up on while others may start up off. You can change resistor/cap values in the flip flop to make it consistent either on or off at power up. Or you can disable the flip-flop so the the pedal is always on. more


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The first Swedish Death Metal Band to use the Boss HM2 pedal was probably Entombed on their album “Left Hand Path”. The production notes mention that each guitar channel was a Peavey practice amp with a Boss HM2, with the center channel guitar being a Boss … more


12 easy tips to date a pedal (Boss, Ibanez, EHX and more

28.05.2017 · The essential six. Having 30 or 40 pedals all linked up on the floor might be fine for Spinal Tap's Nigel Tuffnel, but for us lesser guitarists it's just too much. Also, with around 40 pedals to choose from, newer players may find the array dizzying. To help, we've selected what we feel are a sensible six of BOSS… more


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Advanced two-track looper with premium sound quality, Loop FX, 99 phrase memories, 57 rhythms, and MIDI control support. Advanced compact looper with class-leading sound quality, 99 phrase memories, 57 rhythms, and MIDI control support. Pocket GT introduces a fun new way to practice, jam, and get better every day. more


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I wanted to share a few tips I collected through the year to easily date a pedal. Indeed, many people ask me how I do so, here are a few tricks I am using. P more


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Boss pedal date codes. I've been to the decoder site thingy, that boss to be off. Are there any tables or other resources? So, yeah. I don't etc it. Last edited: Dec 31,. Cgkindler likes this. Dec 31, 2. Messages: 19,. I don't understand what the Boss part has to do with the pedal you picked up. more


BOSS HM2 Pedal Absolutely Confirmed For 2021: The Re-Issue

06.01.2018 · Just Curious. Are the new BOSS pedals now has now surface mount parts? I've read here from AnalogMan that new DS-1's are now SMT. I'm interested at Boss OD-3, SD-1 and DS-2 :cool: more



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Pedal switch, GUITAR/BASS switch, VINTAGE/POLY switch, DIRECT LEVEL knob, +1OCT knob, -1OCT knob, -2OCT/RANGE knob Indicator CHECK indicator (Serves also as battery check indicator) Connectors INPUT jack: 1/4-inch phone type OUTPUT jack: 1/4-inch phone type DIRECT OUT jack: 1/4-inch phone type DC IN jack Power Supply Alkaline battery (9 V, 6LR61 or 6LF22) more


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BOSS Global Official Fan Page. Stay up to date with Roland news, artists, promotions, events, and more. YouTube Channel. This channel provides information of the BOSS's best quality electronic musical instruments. Provides an overview of key features, functions and operational tips. Worldwide Social Network. Welcome to our global family. more


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This book is for any guitarist, bassist or collector of BOSS effect pedals. This book reviews every Boss pedal ever made and gives information on dating Boss pedals. This book has interviews with the founder of Boss and a CD featuring the sounds of the pedals. If you're a pedal … more



As pedal got even more complex we got the wonderful yet somewhat sterile-sounding COSM technology, which opened up the Boss world to digital modeling, with the disadvantage of using surface-mounted devices SMD , which are so small and complex that they exclude any possibility of modding, tweaking or dating pedals newer pedals. more


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02.01.2018 · From 1977-1981, Boss stamped 4-digit batch codes in the battery compartment. Starting around April 1981 (0500/05XXXX), Boss converted to a 6-digit ink stamp on a paper label (with some overlap, of course). But, the design still remained the same. For example: 05 = 0500/05XXXX = April 1981 (Some models from this month had ink stamps or paper labels.) more


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***READ THE PINNED COMMENT*** try to always have an open mind when it comes to guitar gear. Sometimes cheap stuff sounds really cool, more


You're using it wrong! 5 Tips on the Boss DS-1 Distortion

The Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal is a classic used by pros everywhere on both guitar and keyboard. The DS-1 comes with just 3 simple dials, so you can step on, more


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20.05.2021 · BOSS has announced the release of limited edition anniversary versions of the SD-1 Super Overdrive and MT-2 Metal Zone, two of the longest-running and most popular models in the company's lineup of compact effect pedals.The SD-1-4A celebrates 40 years of continuous production, while the MT-2-3A celebrates 30 years. Each pedal features a black body with unique styling and will be available more


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History of Boss Guitar Pedals more


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20.05.2021 · To celebrate the 30th and 40th anniversaries of two of its longest-running effects pedals, Boss has unveiled limited-edition versions of its celebrated MT-2 Metal Zone and SD-1 Super Overdrive units. Each new-look offering sheds its retro aesthetic vibe in favor of a classy cosmetic makeover courtesy of a sleek black housing, and will only be available throughout 2021. more



29.10.2019 · BOSS RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station Pedal Features: Stereo looping pedal for guitar and bass. Up to 6 hours of recording time, with 99 loop recording slots. Over 280 rhythm presets with 16 drum kits. Rhythm presets offer two distinct song sections, plus intro/outro fills and two transition fills. Stellar sound quality with 32-bit conversion. more


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18.04.2019 · Date - April 18, 2019 boss guitar pedals vst. Download Free Amp Effects Processor Plug In Pedals By Tonebytes Gt 1 Guitar Effects Processor Boss The Best Free Guitar Pedals Vst Plugins Youtube Boss Virtual Pedal Board 2 Boss Mt 2 Metal Zone Vst Plugins Amp Simulation Softwares Direct more


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Date Artist (click to sort) Song (click to sort) Issue: Date: Artist: Song: Holiday Issue, 2010: 2010-13-01: Trivium: Anthem (We are the Fire) Holiday Issue, 2010: 2010-13-01: John Lennon and Yoko Ono: Happy Xmas (War is Over) Holiday Issue, 2010: 2010-13-01: Paul McCartney: Maybe I’m Amazed: Holiday Issue, 2010: 2010-13-01: Paramore: The Only Exception: Holiday Issue, 2010: 2010-13-01 more


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History. The origins of the Pro Co "The RAT" can be traced back to the mid-1970s, when Pro Co engineers Scott Burnham and Steve Kiraly repaired and hot-rodded existing distortion pedals, such as the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face.Burnham decided he could build a superior product from the ground up, and designed "The RAT" pedal. more


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14.08.2017 · Does anyone have an all-Boss or mostly Boss pedalboard? About half of my pedals are Boss. I've bought and sold more Boss pedals than I can recall and currently own about a dozen plus some of their footswitches. I've also got Fulltone, Vox, Voodoo Labs, Dunlop, Ibanez, Radial, etc but I keep coming back to Boss. more


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24.09.2019 · The DC-2 incorporates two independent BBD-driven analog chorus circuits together and has a reduced tremolo effect to many standard chorus pedals, creating an immersive three-dimensional effect. The DC-2 remains one of the most coveted BOSS pedals to date. While you’re here, check out our guide to assembling the ultimate pedalboard. more


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18.09.2020 · BOSS Introduces the OC-5 Octave Pedal. September 18, 2020. January 13, 2021. Insta of Bass. Recently, Boss introduced the new OC-5 pedal which is a continuation in their OC pedal series. Their first pedal in this series was the OC-2, first introduced it in 1982, this pedal was the world’s first modern octave pedal for guitar and bass. more


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Boss is a manufacturer of effects pedals for electric guitar and bass guitar. It is a division of the Roland Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in musical equipment and accessories. For many years Boss has manufactured a wide range of products related to effects processing for guitars, including "compact" and "twin" effects pedals, multi-effect pedals, electronic tuners and pedal boards. In more recent times, Boss … more


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Hey all, basically i have 2 serial number: based on the production date of heavy metal and vintage stop box dating your friends at pedaltrain. I have never seen boss ce-2 in guitar sound dating sites asian the 1990s. The date guitar pedal to date of heavy metal hm-2 distortion pedal offers you free of effects pedals. Join date. more


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This serial number decoder accepts all types of Boss compact pedal serial numbers. The different types are shown in the images below. Type I – Used from late 1977 until early 1981. Type II – Used from early 1981 until early 1989. Type III – Used 1988-1989. Type IV – … more


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New Boss Waza TB-2W Tone Bender revealed! – based on the Tone Bender MK II fuzz from the ’60s. 01 Dec 2020 · Boss unveils its latest Waza Craft pedal! The new Waza Craft TB-2W Tone Bender fuzz is a collaboration between Boss and Sola Sound, and it looks epic! VIDEO. more